Top Classes of Fall 2015

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We LAS ambassadors recently had the opportunity to reflect on our past semester and also look forward to spring semester so I decided to highlight some of our favorite classes. In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the number of wonderful classes offered is almost unfair because we simply cannot take all of them in four years. But we sure have been giving it a good college try! Here’s what some of the bloggers answered when I asked them about their favorite class and one they are looking forward to taking:


Favorite class: Public Relations Campaigns (PR 424)

“The class consisted of a semester-long campaign featuring an organization our group got to choose.  It may all depend on having a good group, but mine was great and the class times were either group work, listening to case studies, and overall not too many lecture notes.”

 Excited to take: Racquet ball (KIN 144)

“I have never taken such an informal class at Iowa State before and I am genuinely excited to improve my racquet ball skills since many family members play and I am only mediocre.”


Favorite class: Theory of Linear Algebra (MATH 317)

“It was exciting for me, as a math major, to have a math class where I learned not only what the theorems and equations were, but also how they were found and why they work.”

Excited to take: China Today (CHIN 375)

“It’s a class taught in English that focuses on different contemporary culture, society, literature, and the arts, and next semester the topic will be "Contemporary Chinese Popular Culture.””


Favorite class: Public Relations Writing (PR 321)

“We learned about forms of communication that haven’t been covered in other classes, like social media management and blogging!”

Excited to take: Public Relations Campaigns (PR 424)

“Next semester I’m looking forward to my PR 424 class because I’ve heard that we will write pieces that can be used in a professional portfolio.” (Maybe Nicole even told her how much she enjoyed it too!)


Favorite class: Theatrical Production and Design Class (THTRE 365)

“It has taught me a lot about what has to go into making costuming for a show, how to design a set that is aesthetically pleasing to the many senses of the audience, and how to break down and interpret a play in a way that designers and costumers can create beautiful works of art to be set on people and on stage.”

 Excited to take: Performing Arts Seminar (PERF 401)

“I am looking forward to my Performing Arts Seminar class because the entire next semester, I am going to be working toward creating, producing, and performing a show put on entirely by myself, which will be my senior capstone project. I am so excited to see if I have what it takes to make the show everything I want it to be.”

Lauren “Apple”

Favorite class: Hydrology (METEOR 402)

“My favorite class this semester was Hydrology because it was an easier course. I had an insane semester because of my senior thesis course so it was nice to have a class I didn’t have to worry about all too much. It was four credits so great to fill my schedule with something I knew wouldn’t cause me too much stress during the most stressful semester of my undergraduate career.

Excited to take: AEROE

“I am most looking forward to my Aerospace Engineering course next semester. I will be working with weather balloons that will be launched to better analyze thunderstorms. It is a great way for me to combine my current major and something I may want to switch to for my quarter life crisis.”


Favorite class: Ancient Greek Civilization (HIST 402)

Though this class was difficult, I learned so much! I also enjoyed how passionate my professor was about the topic. My class was smaller so we always had lively discussions and my knowledge about ancient Greece grew significantly.

Excited to take: Service Learning Trip to Belize (HON 322J)

I am most excited for this class because as part of the class we will be taking a “field trip” over spring break to Belize in Central America. Talk about getting real life experience in the classroom! I have previously gone to Belize through Iowa State on a study abroad short  program and I loved it so I’m excited for round two! We will be going to a different place than I have previously gone so it will still be an entirely new experience. Make sure to be checking in the spring for a blog on my experience when I go back to Belize!

Posted by: Selia Schneider