Winter Short Cuts for the LAS Student

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This fall has been particularly warm so far, but winter is coming. And as winter descends upon us, it will seem as though Iowa State has even more students because we will all be crowding indoors and trying to avoid the chilly outdoors. There are a few tips that the knowledgeable LAS Student needs to know to stay warm and avoid long waits or crowded areas.


As the temperature continues to drop, more and more students will make the decision to take the bus to class or across campus instead of simply walking. CyRide is an excellent option, but you might want to avoid taking the Orange 23 free circular route if you have to go less than two stops. It will probably take longer to squeeze on the bus than it would to simply hustle to your class. If you have preferred walking on our lovely campus until this point and do not know the bus system you can check out schedules and routes here.

Walking to class

I prefer to stay inside as long as possible, especially on cold and windy days, so I have found that cutting through buildings to be quite beneficial. Cutting through buildings also can even cut down the time it takes you to walk to class. For example, if you are in Catt Hall for an advising appointment and need to make it to the library you can walk the short distance to MacKay and walk through LeBaron, the connecting building and come out near the Library. Or if you are headed to Hamilton Hall from Catt Hall, you can walk through the ground floor of Bessey.


In the cold weather, I know I always crave a warm beverage and am known to frequent the Caribou that we have on campus in The Hub. However, many other students have a similar idea and this can cause lines that could potentially make you late to class. In order to avoid waiting in such a long line, go at an off time when most people are in class. Or if you are willing to wake up a little earlier for your 8 a.m. it is usually not too busy around 7:45. Then you can enjoy sipping on a warm holiday drink as you learn!

Posted by: Selia Schneider