Preparing for finals: The best study spots on campus

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As everyone starts realizing that finals are actually going to happen, you may notice that more people are staying on campus longer and beginning to put more focus into preparing for them.

This is great to know that a bunch of scholars attend Iowa State! However, you may notice your usual library spot is no longer open. So what do you do? Luckily I’ve done some investigation into some of the best places on campus to study (there are SO MANY good ones) and I’m about to share them because I want everyone to find their special study spot while preparing for finals or working on projects.

For this half of my two-part study, the places highlighted are for those of you who can or prefer to study with some background noise. They are great locations to meet up with friends to study in a group of people or to work on subjects that you can have a little distraction around you.

Michael Cox recently wrote a blog about following up from midterms and included some good tips too.

The Library This is usually the first place that students think to go to when they need to get down to business with their studies. Parks Library has four floors that are full of tables, computers and study nooks. The large open areas on the first three floors usually have a nice lull of voices working on group projects or discussing how their studies are coming. Other places in the library are quieter but I’ll highlight those on Monday, November 30, so be sure to check back.

The Hub The Hub is one of my personal favorite places to study! There are booths and tables where you can spread out by yourself or with your friends. The Hub also has a grill and Caribou located inside it so if you get hungry or need a little pick-me-up you don’t have to look far.

Union Drive Marketplace If you want to multitask by studying at grabbing breakfast, lunch, or dinner the Union Drive Marketplace is a great place! It has tables and booths where you can get comfortable and get your focus on. My tip for this one would be to go at an off time so you can have your pick of spots.

The Maintenance Shop (M-Shop) The M-Shop is a gem of a study place that not many people know about. It is located in the lower level of the Memorial Union. I would rate this as a moderate to higher social area when considering study places. But if you want to study and have some background music or even a live performer, this is your place! For example, last night, the University Honor’s program put on “Java and Jam” where students showcased their talent. The hours of the M-Shop are a little more limited than places like the library so if you want to check times or if there will be performers, go to their website.

Posted by: Selia Schneider