Reflection on the Cyclone experience

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With a month left until graduation and the end of my career as an Iowa State student, it’s time for me to look back at my time here and notice some of the many ways my college experience has been enriched by being a Cyclone.

First, when it comes to academics there was no shortage of ways for me to develop my skills and establish what I am passionate about. Starting my first semester, I have been involved with Psychology & Law research and working towards answering questions like why innocent people confess to crimes. Later on I even got to present this research at the Honors Research Symposium. This opportunity has helped me decide exactly what I want to pursue in law school, and there are many more like it in various areas of study at this large research institution and especially in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

When deciding what to do with your free time as a student, Iowa State has more options for involvement in clubs and organizations than a person can imagine! I chose to spend a lot of my time showing how much I love being a Cyclone by working with prospective students and families both as a Student Admissions Representative and as a Liberal Arts & Sciences Ambassador. Through activities such as these I have been able to develop many professional skills as well as personal relationships that I will have for a lifetime!

One of the most enjoyable parts about being a Cyclone is taking part in all of the Iowa State traditions! From campaniling and avoiding the zodiac to experiencing Hilton Magic and maybe eating a Super Dog after, there is no better feeling than that of being a true Iowa Stater! My favorite memory from my senior year would be that of participating in one of our crazier traditions, Yell Like Hell. Not only did I have the pleasure of screaming about Iowa State with all of my friends, but I also got painted head to toe in cardinal and gold more than once! Being covered in paint in late October can be very chilly, but it was all worth it when I got to hold our first place trophy!

The decision to graduate early was not an easy one, as it can never be easy to leave a place you call home. For me the choice became clearer when I realized how much I have already gotten to experience here, and how prepared I have become for what comes next. I am excited for my new adventures in law school and beyond, and I know that only Iowa State could have brought me to where I am today.

Posted by: Carly Crist