A day in the life of a busy senior

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Tuesday, October 27th

6:30am – Start my day

The alarm goes off and I roll out of bed. I am not a morning person but I must wake up early today for an 8am meeting. I wouldn’t have wanted to sleep in much longer though as I had a busy day ahead full of meetings, class, exercise, and general Iowa State events.


Despite having an 8am meeting, my morning was pretty open. My meeting finished up around 8:45 which left me just enough time to run over to State gym to take part in the morning Pilates class. Exercise is my way of relieving stress and Iowa State Recreation Services has many gym facilities and fitness classes free for all students to use. After my workout, I went to my favorite study spot in Agronomy Hall to work on homework. I only had about an hour to work before meeting up with friends on Central Campus for the Food on Campus, my favorite Homecoming event. The food buttons they sell are only $5 for 6 meals which is a great deal college students can’t resist!


On Tuesday’s I only have class from 4-5 so I take advantage of this easy day and work various jobs in my free time. I work in the Meteorology Help Room and am a proctor at the Online Testing Center. These jobs are nice since they can be worked into a busy schedule with an hour here and an hour there. They are great jobs for busy college kids. In between working my jobs, I volunteered at the Major Fair to speak to students about Meteorology. The Major Fair is an event that takes place in the Great Hall in the Memorial Union and is open to all students, especially ones that aren’t 100% sure what they major in. Most of the students are Open Option Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences looking to find their perfect major. It is a great way to see many diverse majors on campus all in one spot.


Quick photo of Catt Hall after a long day on campus

After my class from 4-5 I returned home for dinner. Normally I pack both and lunch and dinner and eat on campus since that works best for my schedule but I decided I had the time to run home and relax for a little while before returning to campus for the American Meteorological Society’s meeting at 7pm. This meeting only occurs once a month and is usually pretty short, but this month’s ran a little longer because we had a costume contest in the spirit of Halloween. When my meeting finished up around 8pm, my friends and I stayed behind in Agronomy Hall to study for an exam we had the next morning. We always study in groups because we can learn from each other. What I may understand, someone else might not understand as well so we all teach each other and work together to fully understand the material. We felt pretty confident about knowing our test material so we only stayed on campus studying until 10pm.

After this long day, it was nice to return home, crawl into bed and watch some TV to unwind from my hectic day. Most of my days are full and I can often be found running around like a chicken with my head cut off but I enjoy being this busy. I work best when my schedule is planned down to the second. We each can choose our own adventure in college and mine was to be involved in a number of things that I am interested in.

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