Making Gains!

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There are so many things to do during the summer. Meet up with old friends back in your hometown, get real-life experience in a GREAT internship, or even study abroad! For some of us, however, we choose to create our summer adventures here in good ol’ Ames, Iowa! I am one of the over 11,000 students who decided to stay in Ames over the summer. While most students choose to take summer classes during this time, I chose to work full-time with the Office of Admissions at Iowa State.

Summer is a great time to work as a full-time employee and rack in the dough before the school year starts. With next to no obligations outside those of my job, I can really commit myself to creating the best possible experience for our campus visitors. Summer is also a great time for me to brush up on those random Iowa State facts that arise from a guest’s piqued interest. For instance, did you know that as of the most recent count, there are 6,480 trees and shrubs on the Iowa State campus? Yeah, neither did I when a guest asked me. But now I do know, and I can spread my knowledge!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="235"] Photo Cr: Hall houses some of the most valuable resources we have at Iowa State: advisers! Don’t forget about them!!!

My major is Math with a focus on Secondary Education, but I have been really interested in higher education and student affairs as of late. This summer, I am really taking some time to talk to the faculty and staff both in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and in Iowa State’s Office of Admissions about what it’s like being in student affairs. They all have great experiences they love sharing, and I am gaining valuable insight into the field. You should also take some time to email your adviser and just say hi! Let them know you haven’t forgotten everything with that “summer fever” that seems to hit the day after finals!

Work and study are not the only two activities I do during the summer, however. Last year, I played hide-and-seek on Central Campus for the first time, and it immediately rose to the top of my list of most fun summer activities! I mean, what could possibly be more fun than running around the 20 acre expanse we at Iowa State know as Central Campus, looking for friends hiding under bushes, or on the Catt Hall patio? I can tell you that after experiencing it once, your answer will be “NOTHING!!!”

Well there you have it! While I may not have an official internship, and while I may not be taking classes to get ahead in my major, I am still gaining invaluable experience at the place I love most: Iowa State! If you ever get the chance to experience campus during this time, take it. Your life here will be changed forever!

Blog was written by: Michael Cox- Junior in Math Education from Muscatine, Iowa.