JUST DANCE! My Summer Internship

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Ah, summer—a time where one can relax by the pool, catch some rays of sunshine, or travel with friends and family! My summer adventure will consist of a few of those things, but it will mostly be filled with my internship at the 5678! Dance Studio in North Sioux City, South Dakota. Here I will be learning the ins and outs of owning and running a dance studio.

One of my students, Gabby B., dancing in the Youth Blue Jazz Dance!

Having a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and also being a College Ambassador has been extremely beneficial because it makes me aware of what needs to be accomplished within my area of study. My major, Performing Arts with an emphasis in dance, requires me to have both an in-state and out-of-state internship. My in-state internship was at Marshalltown High School where I was the choreographer for their theater department. I am currently completing my out-of-state internship now where I was lucky enough to find an internship that was close to my hometown Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, as well as Sioux City, Iowa, where I serve as a member of the 185th Air National Guard. My military training does not allow me to travel far from my home base due to monthly drills and summer training. When I found a dance studio out-of-state and close to home, it just further proved that anything is possible!

Dancers from the Senior Competition Team

In my current internship, I have been learning a lot about the studio from observing, assisting, and teaching classes. The other great part of this internship is I have been able to learn more about the maintenance and business components that go into making a studio successful. The teaching of dance comes naturally since I have been dancing for 18 years, but the business aspects were unfamiliar to me. Sitting and talking with the business owner, Melissa Strong, has been extremely helpful. The internship has already proven to be beneficial for the future I see myself having in the dance industry and these next few months will help me continue to develop my knowledge related to the business of dance.

Some of my students, Gaby, Morgan, and Katie, doing leg holds in their jazz dance "Back to Black."

This summer internship has also been preparing me for my last year at Iowa State. I’m looking forward to coming back to campus, seeing friends, dancing, working with the other Liberal Arts and Sciences ambassadors and finishing my collegiate career with flying colors.

Loyal, Forever True! Go Cyclones!

Blog was written by: Brittany Miller- Senior in Performing Arts with an emphasis in Dance from Sergeant Bluff, Iowa.