Surviving a New Internship: Part 2

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Last week I detailed how I was navigating my first few weeks on the job.  But I by far am not an expert.  Here are three more tips from interns now into their second or third years on the job:

Pro Tip 1:  Meet people outside your immediate department.

This tip comes from Mary, a second year intern who now is working in a different area than last year.  She found that the relationships she made the year prior still came in handy when working in unfamiliar territory.  As a side note, she also recommends to cash in on as many free lunches and reimbursed purchases as possible!

You know that free picnic the LAS College holds in the Fall where you may have snagged free pizza?  It happens at work too.  Perks.

Pro Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

As a second year intern as well, Adeline encourages new interns to not be afraid to ask questions.  “I think asking questions are the only way to learn. So like if they talk about something you are interested in, ask to be involved and show your interest,” said Adeline.  Your employers want you to learn and grow, so a seemingly silly question to you may translate to extended interest in their eyes.  Some quick advice: if you seem to have a new question every five minutes, try spacing them out to different people.

Pro Tip 3:  Connect with your fellow interns.

Emily, another second year intern, was stuck in the ‘basement’ last year and had to work hard to stay connected with other interns in different parts of the building.  These fellow interns/coworkers keep work fun and make lunchtime and special events something to look forward to. While it is important to get connected with you managers, make sure you spend some time relating your embarrassing work mistakes with others…because they will have a story to contribute too!

That’s all from me!  If you are not following some of these tips now, it’s not too late to start.  Call up LAS Career Services for some interviewing and on-the-job tips from actual professionals who have had years of experience navigating new job woes.  Armed with all this knowledge I am confident anyone can make the most out of a new job and impress some important people along the way.  Above everything listed here and on the LAS website though, make sure you are having fun this summer and gearing up for another great year at ISU!

Written By: Nicole Suchsland- Junior Public Relations Major from Chicago, IL.

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