Greenlee School maintains high placement rate

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Of the 148 graduates in 2013-14 from the Greenlee School, all but four found employment six months after commencement with half of those remaining in Iowa, according to new job placement statistics from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Advertising graduated 46 majors with 45 responding to the annual survey. Three grads continued education or were otherwise occupied (military service, volunteer work, etc.) with 41 of 42 remaining majors gainfully employed for a 98% placement rate.

Journalism graduated 83 majors with 80 responding to the survey. Of those, 5 continued education with 72 gainfully employed. Three journalism majors were available for employment when the survey was conducted for a 96% placement rate.

Public Relations graduated 19 majors with 1 continuing education and the rest employed, for a 100% placement rate.

The overall placement rate for the school was 97%, down from the record 99% in 2012-13 when only 1 journalism major out of 156 total majors had yet to find employment.

The current Greenlee overall 97% rate ranks among the highest placement percentages in the College.