Top Five Outdoor Study Spots

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Spring is officially here!   And the entire student body is outside and enjoying the nice weather.

However, finals are quickly approaching and school does not stop so a lot of people are outside studying.

Here is my list of the top five places to study in the beautiful spring weather:

  1. The Memorial Union Patio

During spring this is the best place to grab some lunch and sit outside and enjoy the sun while eating and looking over some notes between classes.  Besides, it has a great view of Lake Laverne so you might even catch a glimpse of Lancelot and Elaine enjoying the sun as well.

  1. In front of the Library

There is a huge grassy area where clubs and student organizations often set up tables and hope to gain awareness.  However, it is such a large area, why not sit out by the Hub or on the steps of the library and study?  Besides that you might even find a club you are passionate about.

  1. Green area in Old Richardson Court and Maple, Willow, Larch

This was my favorite place to study while I lived in the residence halls.  My favorite memory was during dead week and the lawn was covered with people enjoying the sun, studying, and just hanging out.  Plus, it is a great area to relax after a test.

  1. Open area in front of Catt Hall

There is a wall with names engraved on it and it makes the perfect bench to enjoy the sunshine and study in between classes.  Not only that, it is the home of the College of Liberal Arts so you can see people like the Dean or the Associate Dean walking around or enjoying the weather as well.

1.Central Campus

It is the largest open area on our campus and, in my opinion, makes our campus unique.   You can see people napping, studying, and playing sports outside.  If it’s nice, why not enjoy the sun even if it’s just in between classes for a break?

Posted by: Kenzie Markland