Genome Editing: Foundations and Applications April 9-11

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The symposium on Genome Editing: Foundations and Applications will be held at the Iowa State University Alumni Center from the afternoon of April 9 through the morning of April 11. The symposium will bring together leaders who are developing genome editing resources and tools and applying them in a wide variety of organisms. The main focus will be on the foundations and applications of TALEN and CRISPR/cas technologies in crop plant species. Topics covered in the symposium will range from the biological roles of TAL effectors and CRISPR/cas systems in their native contexts, proof-of-concept experiments, and successful applications of the technologies. The symposium is hosted by the ISU Crop Bioengineering Consortium, which seeks to address the urgent, grand challenge to provide sufficient food, feed, biofuels and biorenewable chemicals for the world’s burgeoning population, through basic and applied research to enable the bioengineering of valuable traits in a variety of crops.

See the full schedule and list of speakers here.