Adviser Spotlight: Bruce Allen

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Bruce Allen, Pre-Law Adviser

Housed in Catt Hall, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has many different advisers available to assist students throughout their Iowa State career. One of which is Bruce Allen, the university’s Pre-Law adviser, who can help any student considering attending law school after graduation.

Bruce Allen’s main role is being a referral agent, because he provides resources and services to students interested in law school. Through advising the ISU Pre-Law Club and teaching a seminar class every fall semester, Bruce helps students make the decision to attend or to not attend law school early on in the process.

Talking about his seminar class Bruce says, “There are students at different stages trying to figure out if they want to go to law school. Freshman and sophomores can get an idea of what it would be like, and for juniors and seniors [the course] reinforces the idea and helps cover information about the LSAT, getting letters of recommendation, and writing the personal statement.” By having a variety of visitors meet with the class from law school representatives to current professionals with a legal education, Bruce is able to effectively serve all students with his course, LAS 290C.

Having an additional adviser to discuss options for law school with is important rather than just speaking to your regular academic adviser. Bruce works with students on the law school admissions process and application criteria, when most other advisers would not have as much knowledge of these aspects.

While the prospect of law school might seem scary and unapproachable, having access to an adviser like Bruce definitely helps!

If you are interested in law school, a good thing to know is that being pre-law doesn’t come with any extra requirements. In order to go to law school one must only complete a Bachelor’s degree and take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). If you want to find out if law school might be for you, attend a Pre-Law Club meeting or call 515-294-4831 to make an appointment with Bruce!

Posted by: Carly Crist