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Knowledge is a valuable thing. Attending Iowa State, I have come to realize how fortunate I am for the opportunities I’ve had exploring each new course and all that it had to offer.

Coincidentally enough, the more I have discovered the more I find myself searching for more to learn. In a way, testing the extent of my own mind. Because of this drive toward knowledge I have even begun exploring World Film Studies, one of the many unique minors offered at Iowa State.

Within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, many academic avenues are available for students to explore!  Here are a few spotlights on minors offered through the LAS College.

World Film Studies Now if you are a fan of the late and the greats, this is the minor for you! Within the program, students can explore Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish films and media. There are also courses that look into the politics of film, survey history film, and for those creative writers, a course dedicated to developing and writing your own screenplays.

Sustainability (offered by multiple colleges) The one thing I remember most about my time living in a residence hall was the responsibility of being Sustainability Chair. There is a lot that goes in to the maintenance of the world around us and this minor helps put it all into perspective. A few of the focuses within the program are on issues of environment, natural resources, and ways in which humans affect the world.

Entrepreneurial Studies One minor that serves as a complement to any major is definitely Entrepreneurial Studies. I’m sure many of you Iowa Staters are familiar (or have at least heard of) entrepreneurship, but are you aware that there is a whole program dedicated to learning about it? Students in the minor will learn the fundamentals of innovation and be provided an introduction in the value of opportunities, management and the competitive market.

And theses three are only a few of the many minors available! The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a multitude of areas for study that you might have not ever considered. So go challenge yourself to learn more and consider finding a minor that’s right for you!

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