Three of five ISU Miller Fellowships include LAS faculty

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The 19th year of the Miller Faculty Fellowship program at Iowa State University includes three successful proposals from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In all, five faculty proposals were funded to develop new approaches for teaching undergraduate courses.

The three fellowship projects with LAS faculty:

•Using Service Learning to Improve Students’ Science and Math Literacy, $11,000 Proposal team: Heather Bolles and Elgin Johnston, mathematics; Cinzia Cervato, William Gallus and Chris Harding, geological and atmospheric sciences; Craig Ogilvie, physics; Jane Rongerude, community and regional planning; Halil Ceylan, civil, construction and environmental engineering; and Lora-Leigh Chrystal, Program for Women in Science and Engineering.

•A Severe Weather Tool to Expose Students in Science Learning Communities to Authentic Research, $14,000 Proposal team: William Gallus, Cinzia Cervato and David Flory, geological and atmospheric sciences.

•Designing Curriculum Involving Industry Participation: Assessing Student Learning Through Effective College-Industry Partnership, $15,000 Proposal team: Shweta Chopra, Gretchen Mosher and Russ Hoffman, agricultural and biosystems engineering; and Mack Shelley, political science.

The other two funded projects:

•Strengthening the Foundation in Effective Teaching for Education Students in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, $12,000 Proposal team: Patricia Carlson and Vincent Genareo, School of Education.

•Moving the Agronomy 212 Lab Out of the Classroom and into the Field, $4,000 Proposer: Erik Christian, agronomy.