Bugeja joins IPR’s ‘River to River’ to discuss the legacy of Brian Williams, Jon Stewart

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Two influential media figures, leaving the television playing field at the same time, for different reasons.

On this broadcast of River to River, host Ben Kieffer spoke with two journalists about Williams’ and Stewart’s impact on the media landscape. One was Greenlee School Director Michael Bugeja.

Bugeja said the journalism industry has weathered reporter scandals in the past, as it will this time around. To him, the biggest takeaway from this story is how Facebook and Twitter users started to frame the national media in a way not seen before.

"This is a new media environment, and mainstream media had better pay attention to social media’s power and the power to frame what the mainstream media is reporting," Bugeja says.

Listen to the lively discussion here, which also featured Lyle Muller, executive director of the non-profit Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism, as a guest.