Live it, Learn it: Learning Communities

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Dear students,

You are cordially invited to join in on the fantastic opportunity that is a Learning Community! Below are the details on what this event entails.

What: A learning community is a group of students who share a similar major or field of study. Students are placed in these groups to help them get acquainted to college. Students usually take two or three courses together or even live in the same residence hall. Academic advisers, faculty and upper class-men help students succeed academically as well as adjust socially and personally to college life.

Who: Learning communities consist of first year students and transfer students that are new to Iowa State. Some learning communities have upper class-men that help mentor students as they make the transition from high school or another university to Iowa State.

When: Students join their first year at Iowa State but the benefits don’t stop there! Lasting friendships can be made while spending time in a learning community. Connections with faculty and advisers are also formed as a part of a learning community and those are beneficial for the years ahead.

The Earth, Wind, and Fire Learning Community bonding outside of the classroom.

Where: It varies! Like students, not all learning communities are built the same way. Some learning communities are live-in where students get the option to live with students in their learning community. Students are placed in certain residence halls (depending which group they are a part of) in order to build strong connections with their peers.

Why: Learning communities are a great way to have support while adjusting to Iowa  State. They are an excellent resource to meet new people, make connections and succeed academically while making the transition, and they are free! There is no charge to be in a learning community. Studies have found that students who are members of a learning community return for their sophomore year at a rate eight percent higher (89 percent vs. 81 percent) than for those not in a learning community. With statistics like that, why not join a learning community!?

How: Speak to an adviser, faculty member, or click here to see the learning community page for Iowa State.

You can RSVP to this once in a lifetime experience by finding a learning community that is right for you.  Just click here to find your perfect match.  With over 80 learning communities here at Iowa State and over 20 in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, there is one that is bound to be perfect for you!

Posted by: Apple Walker