We. Are. Ambassadors!

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6:45 am… Four of us are sitting on the bus. Coffee, music, and cold weather are all we have to wake us up. We see each other, but the still silence is the only communication we need. We are Iowa State students. We. Are. The LAS Ambassadors.

Thursday marked the first official meeting of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ambassadors and we started off on a high note, literally. One of the activities during our meeting was a song parody ice breaker. No, this didn’t require us to lip sync to Weird Al Yankovic’s “White and Nerdy”. Rather, we were randomly assigned a Disney song, and it was our sole duty to change the lyrics and make them about Iowa State University. “Under the Sea”, “Let It Go”, and “Be Our Guest” were just some of the songs to hit the table and undergo a COMPLETE makeover.

There were 6 groups and we all had 15 minutes to modify the first verse and the chorus of the song. Because laughing with our friends as one group made “Let It Go” a song about Fred Hoiberg and Iowa State wasn’t enough, we also had to choreograph a dance to our song!

Sebastian can definitely feel the love and thoughtfulness put into our verses! Photo Cr: coveringthemouse.com

Now you may be wondering why we needed to choreograph a dance if we were just making parodies. The answer to this is both obvious and a little humiliating. After the 15 minutes was up, we had to take what we had created in that 15 minutes and perform it in front of the whole group! Yes, folks, for the next 15 minutes we all got to watch group after group move front and center to SING their parody of a Disney song over instrumental music, while trying to dance and hold back laughs.

Just because I know you were curious, here is the chorus of "Under the Sea" that my group thought up. Come here and see

Come here and see!!!

Darling it’s better

Where color’s redder

Take it from me!!!

Here on campus we work all day

And on weekends have time to play

(I forgot this verse)

(…And this one)

COME HERE AND SEE!!!!!! Mmmmmmm! Bagels Photo Cr: www.chatelaine.com

Although the meeting was at 7 am, and although it was bitterly cold and dark this morning, I would not trade my time as an LAS Ambassador for anything. The friendships I have made, the great families I have been able to talk to, and the experiences I have had all make being an LAS Ambassador one of the greatest things on campus. (It also helps that we get free breakfast at the meetings!)

Posted by: Michael Cox