Jack Su wins Best Paper Award from Protein Science

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Chih-Chia (Jack) Su, a scientist in biological systems on Professor Edward Yu’s research team at Iowa State University, has won one of two 2015 Protein Science Best Paper Awards from the research journal Protein Science. The top two papers were selected as the best from all of those published in the journal in the previous year. With the award, Su – lead author on the paper – has been invited to give talks at the annual Protein Society Symposium in Barcelona, Spain, in July.

The winning paper was titled “Crystal structure of the Campylobacter jejuni CmeC outer membrane channel.” ISU faculty also listed as authors are Edward Yu, the John D. Corbett Professor of Chemistry and professor of physics and astronomy, and Qijing Zhang, professor of veterinary microbiology and preventive medicine and associate dean at the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Additional authors are researchers Abhijith Radhakrishnan, Nitin Kumar, Feng Long, Jani Reddy Bolla, Hsiang-Ting Lei, Jared A. Delmar, Sylvia V. Do, Tsung-Han Chou and Kanagalaghatta R. Rajashankar.

The Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics and Astronomy are academic units in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at ISU.