A note on finals: May the odds be ever in your favor

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Photo Cr: Hailey Jensen

The Scholarship Director of my sorority, Hailey Jensen (aka Hailstorm) sent my chapter an email this morning regarding finals.  As Scholarship Director it is her job to motivate us to do well in academics, especially on finals, but to also be real with us.  After all, everyone here is in college, we are all mature adults who are here to get an education.  So here is her note, which includes a few great reminders and tips for surviving the quickly approaching dead week and finals week.

(Note: Parts of the original email have been altered to apply to all ISU students since it was original directed at Greek women.)

My final email...of the semester. <Cry>
Hey fellow students,

I have composed this final, all-inclusive email just for each of you, so give it a gander!

If you want to study with other friends and eat free food...

Contact your clubs, organizations, or friend groups and schedule study sessions if they don't already exist.  Chances are, they do and all you have to do is attend.  Many groups rent out rooms and provide free food and even whiteboards. (People seem to get excited about those). And if those things do not exist, then plan it yourself and make it happen!

If you plan on being on campus ever for the next two weeks...

QUIET HOURS! Everyone should take these seriously and be respectful of those studying.  While quiet hours may not be a requirement or be enforced everywhere, they are extremely beneficial to you and other students trying to study.

To help you out, here is a list of places where you can be loud if you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO:

    One Direction concert
    A Cyclone basketball game
    Your car but only when a good song comes on
    Not Campus

Rather than passive-aggressively tweet about those loud students around you, just ask them politely to keep it down.  And likewise, if someone tells you to zip the lip, just do it.

If you actually have finals...

I have a couple resources for you! But there are some things I want you to keep in mind first...

    Finals is the time when you cry for no reason, you snap at every person that you've ever loved, and home seems too far away. THAT'S NORMAL.
    Finals is when you question every life decision you've ever made. THAT'S NORMAL.
    Finals is when you get so anxious and worried that you'll self-diagnose tumors, cancer, and probably ebola...even though these are each extremely unlikely. THAT'S NORMAL.
    Finals is when life falls apart and you seriously compare the downfalls of living at home and working fast food to college because you want to have a fallback. THAT'S NORMAL.
    Finals is when your pillow gets coated with tears, your chocolate supply runs low, and your phone calls home get longer. THAT'S NORMAL.

Basically, finals suck. But it's normal. And you're normal. It's one week and you can do it, just take breaks and treat yourself often. When you're feeling anxious and overwhelmed, call up one of your friends so they can let you know that you're okay and give you a hug.  

 Photo Cr: Hailey Jensen

If you are a student...

Print off this resource and fill it in! You wont regret it! 

If you need to block social media using an app:

    For mac users
    For Google Chrome users 

Here are some additional resources... Use these!

For study tips

To learn to focus

To learn to manage test anxiety

To get motivated

So now, my final advice as scholarship director:

    Quit kidding yourself and ask for help. There's nothing wrong with getting help and refusing it will only hurt you in the end.

    Put on your big-girl/boy panties and go to class...seriously.
    Don't bring your friends down because you don't want to work hard. 

 Photo Cr: Hailey Jensen

Good luck and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor,


Posted by: Jane Morrison