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15 credits of class. 5 clubs. 4 jobs. Phew that’s a lot. Despite this hectic schedule, I still manage to get about 7 hours of sleep a night. How is that possible? Time management, my friends. College life is all about balance. Balancing academic studies, hanging out with friends, and personal time. How one achieves this balance differs from person to person. Not everyone has the same method for managing time because there is no right way to manage ones time. Time management varies from person to person depending on what they need to achieve a balance and get everything accomplished.

What do you think are components of good time management?

Use Your Calendar

One area that is pretty universal for good time management is the use of a calendar. Those that manage their time well use a planner to make note of due dates, meetings, study time, social events and whatever else they have on their plate. A difference in the calendar area of time management methods is electronic calendar versus paper calendar. Some people put everything into their phone so they can get alerts for their events. This is a good strategy as one almost always has their phone on them so they never have worry about leaving their planner behind. Others, like me, need the physical paper copy of the schedule. I must write everything down in my planner. I don’t color code every class like some of my peers, but everything is written down with the day it is done and the hour of the day. No matter how one makes use of a calendar, they always make sure it is on them so as to stay on top of due dates and meetings.

Take Advantage of Breaks

Another component of time management is finding out how to use the awkward hour gaps in between classes efficiently. Sometimes classes aren’t one after another. Sometimes there is a small hour break in between classes. Not enough time to run back to one’s room but too much time to just waste sitting around. So what do you do? One can fill this hour with finding a nice study spot and doing an hour of homework. One can get caught up on emails in this hour. One can also go speak to a professor about questions they have. Basically, it just comes down to finding something productive to do in that hour gap that would eliminate work that needs to be done later that night.

Time management isn’t an exact science. It varies depending on the person and can develop and change throughout the years depending on what needs to be done. It is up to you to figure out what works best for you. Some pretty universal components of good time management are the use of a calendar and the productive use of small breaks. These are only two ways to have good time management. Now go back to my question of good components for time management. Did you think of the ones I mentioned? Did you think of more? If you thought of more, make sure to give them a try and share them with others!

I know what works for me, now I challenge you to find ways to better manage your time!

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