Discover LAS’ Pre-Professional Programs

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Have plans to go to medical school, law school, or a professional health school? Choosing a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is your first step.

What is a "Pre-Professional Program?"

Our Pre-Professional Programs are specialized advising just for you! Along the way, we’ll help you discover the best major to fit your interests.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is one of few colleges in the nation that offers full-time advisers to help you prepare for entry to medical, health, or law school. Our advisers will guide your coursework, maximizing your chance of admittance to a professional school.

You know your goal is medical school, law school or a professional health school. Your first step towards that goal is choosing “Pre-Health,” “Pre-Law” or “Pre-Med” on your application to Iowa State.


Start your health or medical journey with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences! Our Pre-Health and Pre-Medicine programs are for students pursuing human medicine, or a health-related profession. Your adviser will help you choose the most appropriate coursework and activities to prepare you for your next step. Here are a few health and medicine-related tracks you can choose:

Dentistry Hospital & Health Services Administration Human Medicine Optometry Occupational Therapy Physician Assistant Pharmacy Podiatry Physical Therapy Veterinary Medicine


  • You can prepare for medical or health school while studying any major. Students have been accepted to medical and health schools while majoring in Music, English, Chemistry, Biology, and many others, so follow YOUR passion!

  • Start preparing yourself for medical or health school now. Take the most rigorous classes you can. Look for opportunities to enhance your leadership skills. And get involved – it’s never too early to job shadow, work, or volunteer in a healthcare setting.


Considering law school? Jumpstart the process with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. First, choose “Pre-Law” when you apply to Iowa State.

3+3 = Your Law Degree Did you know you could earn your law degree in just six years? Our “3+3 Program” lets you work towards your law degree in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose “Pre-Law” on your application to Iowa State to begin working towards earning your undergraduate degree.

  2. During your junior year, take the LSAT and apply to law school at Drake University or the University of Iowa.

  3. If accepted to law school, start your law school coursework during your senior year while simultaneously completing your undergraduate degree.

In addition to participating in our accelerated program with a designated Pre-Law adviser, you’ll be encouraged to job shadow with an attorney, take on leadership opportunities on campus, and work or volunteer where you’ll develop good interpersonal skills.

Turn your passion into a profession. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Pre-Professional Programs make the most of any major, so start your adventure today!

Contact a Pre-Professional adviser in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: 102 Catt Hall 515 294-4831