Nine LAS faculty are receiving CEAH research grants

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The Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities (CEAH) at Iowa State has awarded nine of its 11 research grants to Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty for academic year 2015.

CEAH provides the grants to tenured and tenure-track faculty for research and creative activity in the arts and humanities. The intent of the grant is to contribute to the professional development of faculty by funding projects with research-related outcomes in humanistic scholarship, design, and creative artistic production.

Research Grant recipients, project titles and university departments:

Amy Bix – Engineer Barbie as Role Model?: American Childhood, Play, and Evolving Ideas about Gender and Technical Careers, 1913-2013 (History) Brianna Burke – Dangerous Divisions: Race, Class, and Animality in Environmental Justice Fiction (English) April Eisman – Women Artists in East Germany: Angela Hampel and the Contradictions of "Equality" in a Communist State (Art History, College of Design) Barbara Haas – Nature Conquered, River Tamed: The Neva River Delta at Saint Petersburg (English) Luke LeFebvre – The Meaning of Student Self-generated Feedback from Video: Linguistic Predictors of Public Speaking Performance (English) Tonglu Li – The Issues of Belief and Violence in Mo Yan’s Novels (World Languages and Cultures) Charissa Menefee – How Long is Fifteen Minutes? A Full Length Stage Play (English) Constance J. Post – Making Revolution: Isabel Brown Crook and the Rise of Modern China (English) Michèle A. Schaal – Une troisième vague féministe littéraire (A Literary Third Wave of Feminism) (English) Austin Stewart – Horizon Line (Integrated Studio Arts, College of Design) Elanor Taylor – Groups and Oppression (Philosophy)

The mission of the Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities is to promote excellence in research/creative/scholarly work by faculty at Iowa State University in the arts and humanities.