Troxel Hall: By the Numbers (a quick look at the newest building on campus)

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Troxel Hall is Iowa State University’s newest building, and boasts state-of-the-art technology for faculty and students. Here’s a glimpse of Troxel Hall, a large-classroom building, by the numbers:

1967: The year Douglas D. Troxel graduated with a degree in mathematics from Iowa State University. He is now the president and CEO of the Change Happens Foundation, a private family foundation based in Honolulu, which provided the lead gift for the new lecture space.

400: The number of seats that fill the large auditorium, which is being used mostly for chemistry classes this semester. Half of the seats are free-moving, and were designed so students can swivel their chairs to interact with each other during class.

283: The number of seats in the largest lecture hall for chemistry (located in Hoover Hall) before Troxel Hall was completed.

400: The number of wireless portals in the lecture hall, one for each student.

75: The percentage of energy the building uses from sunlight, thanks to ample windows.

1: There is one post-lecture area that can be used by faculty and students after class has dismissed. Because of the nature of the lecture hall – classes starting one after the other – the post-lecture area can be used to go over lecture material one-on-one with a professor in an area that won’t disturb the next class. It is equipped with whiteboards, desks and other learning materials.

6: The number of wheelchair access in and out of the lecture hall, including access in the middle, so students can sit with their friends anywhere in the classroom.

1: Full-scale chemistry lab for demonstrations. Located behind the lecture hall, the lab is equipped with everything a faculty member needs to illustrate their lesson.

1: Green roof, planted with growing vegetation to help with storm water control, which helps lower mechanical and electrical costs.