Societal Sustainability

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By Steve Jones

Service for those in the service

Iowa State psychologists David Vogel and Nathaniel Wade.

Mental health concerns among U.S. military personnel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are no secret. Depression, posttraumatic stress disorder and suicide have plagued service personnel.

As a result, Iowa State psychologists David Vogel and Nathaniel Wade are designing an internet-based intervention program for those in the service. They believe the program will reduce the stigma of obtaining mental health services and increase the likelihood of more personnel seeking assistance.

"There is a critical need to increase the willingness to access mental health services among military personnel," Vogel said. He explained that psychological treatment is effective for "a broad range" of concerns. However, its social stigma discourages too many men and women from getting the help they need, and a properly designed website might empower them to seek assistance.

Working with the National Center for Telehealth and Technology and other military collaborators, Vogel and Wade want to create new web-based technologies, including mobile apps, that military personnel are willing to use. In addition, the project could also help other underserved populations, including those in rural areas and minorities.

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